SM01-1520-AA Roush Mustang Rear Valance - LH (1999-2004)

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Rear Valance - Left Hand Side

Brake and Clutch Cover Installation (Manual)

1) Remove the rubber pedal pads from the brake and clutch pedals.

2) Place the Roush clutch pedal cover centered over top of the metal pedal surface. Scribe the location of the (3) attaching holes. Center punch the hole locations. Using the 1/8” drill bit, drill a pilot hole in each of the (3) locations. Repeat this procedure for the brake pedal. Drill the attaching holes to finished size using the 3/16” drill bit. Deburr any sharp edges with either a larger drill bit or a file.

3) Attach the Roush pedal covers using (6) black flat head machine screws and (6) lock nuts for each cover. Torque nuts to 40 in-lbs.

Accelerator Cover Installation

1) Locate the Roush pedal cover centered over the accelerator pedal and scribe the location of the (4) attaching holes.

2) Using the 1/16” drill bit, drill a pilot hole in each of the (4) locations.

3)Use the (4) self-tapping screws to secure the cover onto the accelerator pedal. Because these are self-tapping fasteners, use caution not to overtighten.

4) After installation is complete, double-check that all nuts and screws are installed securely.

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