SM01-1510-AA Roush Mustang Rear Valance - RH (1999-2004)

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Rear Valance - Right Hand Side

NOTE: You must remove the rear wheels for this procedure. Follow accepted jacking and safety procedures.

1) Using a wax pencil, mark a guide line on the rear factory fascia 8.25 inches down from the body contour line at the rear and 8.5 inches down at the side. See Figure 1.

2) Using a Scotch-brite pad, scuff a 1-inch wide section of the vehicle surface (clear coat) 1/8 inch below the guide line defined in Step 1.

3) Using a clean cloth, wipe with acetone all of the vehicle surfaces that will come in contact with the 3M mounting tape. Do not remove the wax guide line. Allow the surfaces to dry. Wipe the vehicle surfaces with an adhesion promoter such as Pro-Bond or 3M #4298. Allow the surfaces to dry.

4) Install 3M mounting tape along the tape groove of each rear valance. Unroll the tape and secure it just below the top edge of each rear valance by pressing firmly. It will be necessary to trim the 3M mounting tape to the appropriate lengths using a pair of scissors or a razor knife.

5) Using the guide line, position one of the rear valances on the factory rear fascia. Mark the position of the two mounting holes in the wheel well opening behind the rear wheel. The lower hole is drilled at the factory; the upper hole will need to be drilled (1/8 inch). See Figure 2. Also mark the position of the mounting holes at the rear of the vehicle using the Christmas tree-style push pins in the rear valance. Do this by securing the valance with the screws in place and then position the valance over the factory fascia. Then gently push on the valance and the pins will leave a small mark; this is where the hole needs to be drilled for the top pin. The hole for the bottom pin is drilled after installation of the valance. Remember to hold the valance tightly to the factory fascia when you drill this hole. See Figure 3. Place a piece of double-sided tape on the supplied valance where the upper push pin is mounted. This helps secure the valance to the factory fascia. One push pin goes up from the bottom and the other is at the top corner of the valance. Drill a 15/64-inch hole in the factory

6) Install the rear valance by aligning its top edge with the guide line and pressing the exposed mounting tape surface against the factory fascia. Holding the orange backing tape, pull it gently along the top edge of the valance at approximately a 45-degree angle. Be careful not to break the backing tape. Continue to press the valance and exposed tape surface against the factory fascia until all of the orange backing tape has been removed and the component is securely in place. Be certain all corners are tight.

7) Install the two screws in the wheel well opening and press the push pins into position at the rear of the vehicle.

8) Repeat Steps 5, 6 and 7 for the opposite side of the vehicle.

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