CFCAI-FMG-11-BC JLT Mustang Cold Air Intake - Carbon Fiber (2011-2014 GT/BOSS)

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JLT Performance 
Cold Air Intake - Carbon Fiber


Please review complete instructions prior to installing.  

1) Verify you have all of the following parts included in the kit: 

(1) JLT Intake tube W/ PCV fitting,

(1) 3.5” coupler,

(2) 56 size clamps,

(1) 4.5x9 Air Filter,

(1) Heat Shield,

(1) Sound Tube Cap,

(1) Firewall plug,

(1) Automatic fitting kit,

(2) MAF screws,

(1) nut and 

(1) Foam Plug (for use on 2013-14 only) 

2) Gather all of the following tools needed for the installation: 5/16 nut driver, 10mm  socket, ratchet, extension, T-20 torx driver, Phillips head screw driver 

3) Install Tune for JLT Intake – Refer to instructions included with the Tuner. 

4) If you have the strut tower bar, remove it. Remove your engine cover by pulling straight up.  Next remove the stock airbox by loosing the clamp at the throttle body and removing the 10mm  bolt in airbox. Unplug the PCV, sound tube and MAF plug and remove as a unit 

5) Install the JLT heat shield by slipping it under the air inlet duct, lining the front hole up with the  stud on the fan shroud and secure it with the supplied nut, then use the stock airbox bolt to  secure it to the car. 

6) Remove the stock MAF sensor from your airbox using a T-20 torx driver and install in the JLT  tube using the supplied screws. 

7) AUTOMATIC CARS ONLY: Drill a 1/2” hole 1/2” above the PCV grommet, insert Automatic  grommet and fitting. See pictures below. 

8) Attach coupler and clamps to the small end of the JLT tube and the air filter to the large end. 

9) Install the coupler end on the throttle body and rotate down to sit in the heat shield and tighten  clamps. The tube will sit on the heat shield gasket and the rubber end of the filter will rest on the apron panel. 



You will use the longer coupler included in your kit. Install is the same, but here are some tips and pictures: 

Install coupler onto throttle body and tighten down. 

Insert JLT tube into coupler as far as it will go and rotate it down into the heat shield. The tube  will rest in the heat shield cradle and the filter will sit just above the apron panel. 

10) The sound tube brings engine noise into the cabin. Adding the intake will increase engine sounds  and it may not be needed per your taste. 

SOUND TUBE USED: If you are using this, squeeze clamp and install onto fitting on JLT tube. 

SOUND TUBE NOT USED: Unbolt sound diaphragm behind shock tower and remove the entire  unit. Then use supplied hole plug to cover hole in firewall from sound tube hose and the supplied  cap on the fitting in the JLT tube. 

11) Plug in the MAF, connect the PCV line and reinstall the engine cover. Installation is complete. 


2013-14 GT/2013 Boss has an open hood vent that can bring water into the filter area. If this is a concern to you, we have included a plug to keep the water away from your filter and still 

allow engine heat to escape. Insert foam plug into front section of your hood liner as shown. Position so there is no gap around the front and bottom edge. The foam will expand creating a water tight seal. 

All installation instructions, images, & descriptions contained within are representative of the manufacturer instructions included with your part upon purchase & are the sole property thereof.
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