701-0002 Steeda Mustang Underdrive Pulleys (1996-1999 Cobra & 2002 Bullitt)

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This kit includes a 12mm x 60mm bolt that is used to start the new balancer pulley onto the crankshaft. DO NOT TIGHTEN THIS BOLT. It is used only to pull the balancer on far enough for the factory bolt to reach, and then is removed. USE THE FACTORY BOLT TO HOLD THE BALANCER PULLEY IN PLACE. DAMAGE TO THE CRANKSHAFT MAY OCCUR IF THE INSTALLATION BOLT IS OVER-TIGHTENED. 

1) Raise the front of the vehicle and place on jackstands or drive-on ramps. Set the parking brake and place the transmission in gear/park. Never work under a vehicle that is supported only by a jack.

2) Loosen the alternator pulley with an impact wrench. A swivel wrench may be needed to reach the alternator nut. Don't remove the pulley or belt yet.

Note: The underdrive alternator pulley is not used on the Mach 1. Skip this step.

3) Loosen the water pump pulley bolts.

4) Remove the belt, and water pump and alternator pulleys.

5) From underneath the car, remove the harmonic balancer bolt. An impact wrench will be required for cars with automatic transmissions. Remove the crankshaft balancer/pulley with a three-bolt puller.

6) Apply a dab of high temperature silicone sealer (gasket maker) to the keyway slot on the underdrive crankshaft balancer pulley. Line up the keyway and install the pulley. Use the longer bolt supplied to pull the balancer onto the crankshaft. DON'T TIGHTEN THE BOLT ALL THE WAY. ONCE THE PULLEY IS ON FAR ENOUGH FOR THE FACTORY BOLT TO REACH, REMOVE THE LONGER BOLT AND INSTALL THE FACTORY BOLT. Torque the factory crankshaft bolt to factory specifications.

Note: Ford has changed the torque specifications for the crankshaft bolt between 1996 and 2001 even though the Ford Dealer lists the same part number for the bolt. Steeda has found both procedures to work with good result, but suggests you follow Ford's recommendation for your year vehicle.

1996-1997 Original Ford torque specs:

Torque to 116-121 lb-ft.

1998-2003 Revised Ford torque specs:

Step 1) torque to 66 lb-ft

Step 2) loosen bolt 1 full turn

Step 3) torque to 37 lb-ft

Step 4) tighten bolt an additional 90 degrees.

On automatic transmission cars, prevent the engine from turning by holding the torque converter. Access the torque converter by removing a plug towards the front-drivers side of the transmission. (Consult a service manual for more information). Hold the torque converter from turning with a 14mm wrench.

7) Install the water pump and alternator pulleys.

Note: To preserve appearance and prevent corrosion the pulleys are finished with a protective powdercoat. Occasionally during manufacture some powdercoat is inadvertently applied to the inside if the alternator pulley, making it difficult to install. If this is the case, simply scrape off the powdercoat with a utility knife or sandpaper.

8) Install the belt following the factory routing, then tighten the water pump and alternator bolts.

9) Start the car and check that the belt is running correctly. Shut the car off and inspect the belt to make sure that it is aligned and tracking properly. 

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