555-8241 Steeda Mustang Competition Springs (2005-2014)

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NOTE: Installation of this kit requires above average mechanical skills. This procedure should only be undertaken by a competent individual with the necessary skills to properly complete the installation. We strongly recommend that a factory shop manual be available for reference during the installation. If you are not confident you can complete the job safely, have the work performed by a certified technician who is familiar with the suspension of a Mustang. Failure to reassemble the suspension properly can lead to serious injury


1. Raise the entire vehicle. If working from the floor, secure with jack stands. Remove the front wheels. Unhook all attachments to the front struts (i.e.; Brake lines, Sway bar links, etc.) 

2. Remove both front strut assemblies. Each strut is secured by four nuts on top of the strut tower and two lower 14mm bolts. First remove the two lower bolts, it may be helpful to support the brake/spindle assembly with a jack. Once loose, secure the brake/spindle assemble, so there is no tension on the brake line. Next, hold the strut assembly and carefully remove the four top nuts. It may be helpful to have a second set of hands to hold and remove the strut assembly while removing the nuts.

Caution: Coil springs store a tremendous amount of energy. Failure to properly remove and install the springs can lead to severe injury. 

3. Using a coil spring compressor, compress the front spring until there is no tension on the upper strut mount. Once the spring is safely secured, remove the nut holding down the upper strut mount. Then separate the strut from the spring and the upper strut mount. Carefully release the stock spring and compress the new Steeda front spring. When putting the strut assembly back together, the larger diameter end of the spring should face down and the each pigtail should be against the spring stop. Replace the strut nut and repeat the process for the other front strut.

4. Re-attach the upper strut mount back to the car with the 4 nuts on top of the strut tower. The half moon notch should face the outside the vehicle. Use Lock-Tight when reinstalling the swaybar endlinks. 

5. Install both of the lower 14mm bolts. Tighten both bolts to ford specification and replace all auxiliary attachments (i.e.; Brake lines, Sway bar links, etc.). 


7. With the car still raised, remove the rear wheels. 

8. Using a floor jack underneath the differential, gently support the weight of the rear axle assembly. Do not raise the vehicle any higher. 

8. Remove the 2 nuts on each side of the vehicle that mount the factory bushing clamps and sway bar to the axle assembly. Swing the sway bar to the rear of the vehicle and out of the way. 

9. Remove the lower bolts connecting both shocks to the rear axle assembly. 

10. Using a 10mm socket remove the bolt holding the brake lines to the frame rail. Once removed, carefully lower the rear end until the springs are free and can be removed. Be sure not to put the brake lines under tension. 

11. Reusing the upper and lower rubber spring seat, place the new Steeda spring in. Repeat for the other side of the vehicle.

12. Carefully raise the rear axle assembly, then reconnect the shocks and sway bar. 

13. Replace all four wheels and carefully lower the vehicle.

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