555-8136 Steeda X11 Mustang Ball Joints (2010-2014)

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Mustang Ball Joints 

NOTE: Installation of this kit requires above average mechanical skills. This procedure should only be undertaken by a competent individual with the necessary skills to properly complete the installation. We strongly recommend that a factory shop manual be available for reference during the installation. If you are not confident you can complete the job safely, have the work performed by a certified technician who is familiar with the suspension of a Mustang. Failure to reassemble the suspension properly can lead to serious injury

1) Raise the entire vehicle. If working from the floor, secure with jack stands. Remove the two front wheels.

2) Remove the two bolts holding the steering rack to the K-member. This will allow you to move the steering rack and gain access to the front control arm bushing. (Pic. 1)

3) Remove one front control arm at a time. Each control arm is secured at three points. First, remove the two bolts at the rear of the control arm holding the hydra bushing. Next, remove the nut and bolt securing the front control arm bushing. Last remove the nut and bolt clamping the ball joint stud. 

4) Once all bolts are removed, remove the front control arm. Note: It may be necessary to use a pry bar to release the ball joint stud from the clamp. (Pic. 2) 

5) Remove the OEM ball joint using a bushing press. (Pic. 3) 

6) Using the bushing press, reinstall the new ball joint. Press the new ball joint in until the retaining ring is able to be seated in the ring groove on the top side of the control arm. (Pic. 4) 

7) Replace the control arm with the new ball joint. First install the nuts and bolts for the rear hydra bushing. Do not tighten. Next, replace the nuts and bolt for the front bushing. Align and install the provided clamping bolt. Once in position, tighten all four nut and bolts. See Torque specs up above. 

8) Install the provided grease fitting in the bottom of the ball joint. Note: The ball joint comes pre-greased and should be maintained regularly, do not over Grease! (Pic. 5) 

9) Repeat the procedure for the other side of the vehicle. 

10) Replace the steering rack and the two front wheels. 

11) Carefully remove the jack stands and lower the vehicle. 

Tech Tips: 

After installing the X-5 Ball Joint, it is recommended that the vehicle is aligned and bump steer is corrected. The bump steer can be corrected using Steeda part number 555-8106 and the alignment can be corrected using Steeda part number (555-8096 camber shim kit).


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