555-8135 Steeda Mustang Heavy Duty Upper Strut Mounts (2011-2014)

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Heavy Duty Upper Strut Mounts 

NOTE: A qualified technician should be used if you are not confident with removing and installing the vehicle’s front struts and springs. A suspension coil spring compressor must be used to allow for replacement of the mount and/or coil spring. The vehicle will require an alignment following installation. Refer to a service manual for fastener torque specifications.   

Removal of the Front Strut Assembly

1) Lift the car, by the chassis, on a vehicle lift or on jack stands to work on the front suspension of the car. The front wheels need to be off the ground. Use caution operating a lift or jack stands to ensure the car is stable and safe to work around and underneath. 

2) Remove the front wheels. 

3) Remove the two pinch bolts at the base of the strut attaching it to the spindle. 

4) Disconnect the swaybar endlink from the strut. 

5) Disconnect the ABS cable from the strut by removing the plastic clip securing it to the strut. 

6) Remove the small bolt attaching the brake line bracket to the strut. Also dislodge the bracket/hose from the strut. 

7) From under the hood, remove the four nuts attaching the strut mount  to the strut tower. 

8) Remove the strut assembly and secure the spindle/brakes with a piece of wire to the body to prevent unnecessary stress pulling on the brake hose or ABS cable.  

Installation of the Steeda Heavy Duty Strut Mounts 

9) Compress the coil spring with a suspension coil spring compressor. Compress until there is little to no pressure on the mount and the spring can be easily moved around between the strut and mount. 

10) With the spring in a compressed state, remove the nut from the top of the strut and remove the mount. 

11) Disassemble the factory mount. The factory spring seat is to be reused with the Steeda strut mount. 

a. Use a screwdriver, or similar tool, to pry the strut bearing and bushing apart from the spring seat itself. Note: The factory strut mount bearing is easy to pull apart and is full of small ball bearings that will fly everywhere if care is not used to disassemble the factory mount!!!!!!! See figure 1. 

12) Place the Steeda mount inside the spring seat itself. See figure 2. 

a. Make sure the four bosses on the bottom of the Steeda mount seat inside the four ovular slots in the bottom of the factory spring seat. See figure 3. 

13) Set the mount, now sitting in the factory spring seat, back onto the strut. Re-install the nut you removed from the top of the strut. Tighten the nut to factory specifications. The assembly should look similar to figure 4 (besides from the coil spring missing in the figure) 

14) !!!IMPORTANT!!! This procedure MUST be done carefully and slowly to ensure the Steeda mount does not disassemble due to improper spring decompression. Hold the spring seat and mount assembly as tight and bottomed on the upper strut nut as you can while you release the spring pressure on the suspension coil spring. Gradually relieve the spring compressor tension to ensure the spring is level and flat as possible as it seats with the mount assembly. 

a. If the Steeda mount disassembles upon spring decompression, re-compress the spring and carefully re-assemble the Steeda strut mount. See the exploded view of the strut mount assembly. 

15) Remove the four nuts securing the stud plate to the Steeda mount. 

16) Re-install the strut assembly back in the vehicle. Make sure to have the Steeda logo on the top plate of the strut mount pointing out away from the center of the vehicle. 

17) Install the four nuts from the mount’s stud plate onto the studs under the hood. Just get the nuts snug to the strut tower, but do not tighten them yet. 

a. If the vehicle has lowering springs, prior to alignment slide/adjust the struts/mounts all the way to the outside of the car. This will give the minimum amount of suspension camber to prevent unnecessary tire wear and to ensure equal camber in both wheels upon driving to the alignment facility. 

18) Following initial camber setup, tighten the four nuts to 45 ft-lbs. 

19) Complete assembly in reverse of steps 1-6. Be sure to reference a service manual for proper torque specifications on all fasteners. 

20) You are done. Test drive the car to see if there are any squeaks or rattles. 

Recommended Camber settings for S197 Mustangs

Street -.7 to -1.0 deg 

Aggressive Street -1.0 to -1.25 

Race -1.25 to -2.5 

*Note stock calls for -.7 If not, have the vehicle aligned at a certified alignment facility. 

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