555-8122 Steeda Mustang Anit-Roll Bar - Works w/ Tail Pipes (1979-2004)

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Anti-Roll Bar

******VERY IMPORTANT****** 

This part is not designed for street use! If you are going to be driving your car on the street you MUST disconnect 1 of the links from the Axle. This bar is designed to work with tail pipes though, unlike the Race 555-8102 bar. 

1. Raise car. The car should be jacked up and placed on jack stands or set up on a lift. Make sure the car is level.  

2. Prep for Welding. Hold the bar and ends up in place on the frame rails as far forward as possible. Plates can be tweaked to conform to frame rail. Remove paint from area to be welded. 

3. Raise the bar into place. Tack one side and measure both sides to insure that the bar is parallel to the axle centerline. Tack the other side. Check that the bar pivots freely. 

******VERY IMPORTANT****** 

Care must be taken not to overheat the bearing. This can be accomplished by welding a small length at a time - one inch or so. 

4. Hardware-adjust the heim joints in the links so that four threads are showing and do not tighten jam nuts. Screw links into sway bar with mounting tabs hanging down. Rear end should be hanging free with the shocks fully extended. 

5. Align and mount tabs – check links for alignment to insure squareness. Adjust sway bar height so that the tabs are on the rear of the housing, about middle in height. Clean paint off area to be welded. Make sure there is at least six inches of clearance between the tip of the sway bar and the floorboards. Tack all tabs, unbolt lower heim joint during welding and weld tabs. 

6. Set up – install all bolts in links and tighten locknuts. Remove jack stands. Check that tire pressure is equal side-to-side. Place jack under center of front cross member and raise car until front tires just come off the ground. Measure from door jam to ground on both sides of the car in the same place. Adjust the links so that the driver’s side is 1/16” lower than the passenger side. Tighten jam nuts.  

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