555-8119 Steeda Mustang Control Arm Relocation Brackets (2005-2014)

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Control Arm Relocation Brackets

The installation of this kit requires above average mechanical skills. This procedure should only be undertaken by a competent individual with the necessary skills to properly complete the installation. We strongly recommend that a factory shop manual be available for reference during the installation. 

It is REQUIRED that the installation is done at a facility that is capable of welding on the brackets with the vehicle on an alignment rack. This cannot be stressed enough. You need to make sure your rear axle is square in the car before the brackets are completely welded. It is also recommended that you take measurements on the length of your wheelbase before you start this. You don’t want it to change after the install of the brackets. Do not attempt to drive the car unless the brackets are fully welded in place. A tack weld will be fine in transporting the car from one end of the shop to an alignment rack, but do not drive the car!!

1) Remove the rear lower control arm bolts at the axle end. It might be necessary to loosen the front bolt so you can rotate the control arm down.

2) Install the relocation bracket with the Steeda Oval facing the rear. Use the factory bolt with the provided sleeve in place of the control arm to hold it in place, do not tighten, see pic #1.

3) Using the provided hardware, attach the Control arm to the center hole (2nd from the bottom). Do this for both sides.

4) Then with the car on an alignment rack square the rear and tack weld the brackets. Remove the rear tires and completely weld the brackets into place, pic # 2.

Note: The lower the position the rear mount of the control arms, the higher and shorter your instant center will be. Raising it lowers your install center and makes it longer. Not recommended for factory control arms, if used you can only use the lowest mounting hole.

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