555-8117 Steeda Heavy Duty Mustang Upper Spring Seats (2005-2014)

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Heavy Duty Upper Spring Seats 

Note: The installation of these Competition Upper Strut Mounts requires the removal of the factory mounts that have the springs in a preloaded state. The potential energy stored in the springs can be very dangerous if not properly disassembled. Follow the factory service procedures or have this installation performed by a qualified technician. It is recomemded that a factory service manual be available when installing these new mounts. It is important to understand that there will be an increase in NVH with these units. 

1) Follow the factory service procedures and remove the the strut and spring assembly. 

2) Disassemble the strut and spring assembly. This should be preformed using the correct strut/spring clamping device. If you do not have the spring removal equipment take your strut assemblies to a technician for disassembly. External spring compressors may be used, but is not recommended. 

3) With the strut and spring disassembled, remove the rubber spring seat from the factory upper strut mount.

4) Insert the new spring base into the factory rubber spring seat.

5) Place spring seat assembly from Step 4 onto the strut shaft, aluminum base up, then the includend washer followed by the bearing spacer. If you are using the Steeda Sport springs, the assembly of the strut and spring can be accomplished without the use of a spring compressor.

6) Slide the lower spherical bearing mount (Thicker Bushing) over the strut’s threaded shaft with the studs on the bearing plate facing away from the spring. Be sure to seat the spherical bearing onto the bearing spacer.

7) Insert the second bearing sleeve (Thinner Bushing) over the strut’s threaded shaft and finger tighten the nut. Torque the nut to 100 Nm (74 lb-ft). Take care as the tighten the nut that the bearing sleeve does not dislodge from the bore of the spherical bearing. 

8) Reinstall the strut assembly following the factory installation procedures. 

9) Take a slow test drive and recheck all the fastners before resuming normal driving.  

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