555-8114 Steeda Mustang Rear Swaybar Relocation Brackets (2005-2014)

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Rear Swaybar Relocation Brackets 

1) Raise the rear of the vehicle and support the axle on jackstands so that the suspension remains loaded. 

2) Remove the rear wheels. 

3) Remove the nuts that secure the swaybar end brackets to the axle assembly and slide the swaybar forward off of the mounting studs.

4) Remove the bolt securing each rear shock to the axle brackets. Please note the shock does lightly preload these bolts from its internal pressure, so handle with care. 

5) Slide out and remove the 2 mounting bolts from the axle bracket on each side by depressing the retaining tab. 

6) Place the countersunk bolt through the center hole of the Steeda bracket, so the head is flush with the surface of the bracket. 

7) Place the countersunk bolt through the upper slotted hole of the axle bracket. The bracket should be facing towards the front of the vehicle.

8) Place the provided washer and nylock nut on the backside of the axle bracket and loosely secure the countersunk bolt. Be sure the lower hole of the Steeda bracket lines up with the center hole of the axle bracket. 

9) Using the Steeda plate as a guide, draw a cut line on the axle bracket on each side.

10) Remove the plates and cut the axle brackets at the drawn lines. (Note: All photos show uncut brackets.) 

11) Reinstall the plate with the countersunk bolt, flat washer, and nylock nut as in Steps 6-8. 

12) Position the swaybar end brackets into place and secure the bushing clamps to the Steeda plates using the provided nuts and bolts.

13) Once complete, double check all fasteners and bolts. All bolts should be secured to 52 lb-ft. Thread locker is recommended to prevent fasteners from coming loose. 

14) Replace lower rear shock bolts. The shock will need to be pushed or pried into position. 

15) Replace wheels/tires or install new wheels/tires and carefully lower vehicle. 

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