420032 Roush Mustang Trunk Mounted Tool Kit (2010-2014)

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Mustang Trunk Mounted Tool Kit

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Note: The extra slot in the tool kit bottom foam liner is for your wheel lock key.

1) Open the trunk and remove thirteen (13) push pins indicated with circles. Refer to Figure 1. The push pins are a two (2) part push pin. Remove the center button first to release the barbs and then remove the push pin body. Carefully slide the glow-in-the-dark trunk release handle through the slot in the trunk liner. See arrow. Remove the trunk inner liner.

2) Vehicles equipped with a satellite antenna, remove the connector push pin from the holes in the trunk inner structure. With a small screw driver, remove the push pin retainer from the connector. Refer to Figure 2. Push the release tab and unplug the connectors.

3) Retrieve the Bracket Positioning Template from the kit. Fold the template on the dotted line. Align the shaded holes on the template to the corresponding holes on the trunk lid inner structure. Tape the template in place. Refer to Figures 3.

4) Center punch the top four (4) bracket mounting points as shown on the template. Refer to Figure 4. Remove the paper template.

Note: Before installing the Self-drilling Screws, set your drill to a light setting to avoid stripping the holes or breaking the screws.

5) Position the Left Side Bracket to the left two (2) center punch points. Install the top two (2) Self-drilling Screws to secure the Bracket top to the deck lid inner structure. Refer to Figure 5.

6) Gently pull the lower part of the mounting bracket rearward (3-4 mm) and place a plastic Adapter Bracket into the slot. Ensure that the nut is on the back side of the bracket. Refer to Figures 6. Install a Self-drilling Screw through the bottom hole of the bracket into the trunk inner structure.

7) Repeat Steps 5 for the right side bracket. ( Top two (2) screws only )

8) Pass the wire harness end of the satellite antenna connector behind the right mounting bracket and reconnect the connectors. Peel the backing tape from the Double Sided Tape and affix the connector to the trunk inner structure as shown. Refer to Figure 7.

Note: Do not put the connector into its original position. Installation of the tool box will crush the connector.

9) Repeat Steps 6 for the right side bracket. ( Adapter Bracket and bottom screw )

10) Torque the six (6) Screws to 20-22 In-Lb.

11) Retrieve the Deck Lid Liner Cutting Template from the kit. Cut out the three (3) sections shown on the template. Position the Deck Lid Liner Cutting Template onto the deck lid liner with the raised portions of the liner in the template cut outs. Refer to Figure 8. Cut out the two (2) 1/2” square holes in the deck lid liner as indicated on the template. Remove the cutting template.

12) Reinstall the trunk inner liner and 13 push pins. Ensure that you pass the glow-in-the-dark trunk release handle through the slot in the trunk liner. Refer to Figure 9 and Figure 1. Ensure the 1/2” holes in the liner expose the Adapter Bracket nuts.

13) Open the Tool Kit and remove the ROUSH mechanics gloves. With an assistant, raise the opened ROUSH Tool Box to align the slots in the Tool Box Lid to the nuts in the plastic Adapter Brackets. Install the two (2) Washers and Bolts to fasten the Tool Box Lid to the Plastic Adapter Brackets. Refer to Figure 10.

14) Replace the ROUSH Mechanics Gloves back into the tool kit. Close and latch the ROUSH Tool Kit.

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