420009 Roush Mustang Rear Valance (2010-2012)

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Rear Valance

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Rear Fascia Assembly Removal

1) Open the trunk and slide the trunk floor carpet panel forward.

2) Remove four (4) panel retainers from the trunk rear plastic panel. Unscrew the top two (2) plastic fasteners and use a forked push pin tool for the bottom two (2) fasteners. Placing your finger tips into the cargo net hook openings, lift the panel straight up to disengage the two (2) retainer pins. Refer to Figure 1.

3) Roll the panel forward and disconnect the electrical connector from the trunk illumination lamp. Refer to Figure 2. Remove the panel from the trunk.

4) Disconnect the wire harness connector for the license lamp / rear side markers.

5) Using a forked push pin tool, remove one (1) wire harness retainer.

6) Follow this harness rearward to the wire harness grommet and push the grommet rearward.

7) Feed the connector and wiring through the grommet hole so it will not get snagged when removing Figure 3 the rear fascia. Refer to Figure 3 for steps 4, 5, 6 & 7.

8) Remove the rear license plate.

9) Using a short stubby screw driver, remove three (3) screws from each wheel well opening. Refer to Figure 4.

10) Disconnect the electrical connector at each tail light assembly.

11) Pull the trunk side liner forward to expose the tail lamp fasteners.

12) With an 11 mm socket and ratchet, remove the six (6) nuts. (three nuts per side)

13) Push the wire harness grommet and connector through the grommet hole and remove the tail light assemblies. Refer to Figure 5

14) Remove four (4) push pins (two per side) from the LH & RH side lower valance mounting brackets. The push pins are a two (2) part push pin. Remove the center button first to release the barbs and then remove the push pin body. Refer to Figure 6.

15) Using a forked push pin tool, remove the two (2) bottom center W-Clip fasteners at the rear center valance attachment flange. Refer to Figure 7.

16) With an assistant, remove the rear fascia/valance assembly.

A) Pull the sides out of the wheel well openings and disengage the side retainers.

B) Carefully disengage the left & right upper corner retainer by lifting the sides upward, rearward and off the retainer hooks. See inset.

C) Pull the rear fascia rearward to disengage the six (6) retainers. Four are located at the center section and two are at each rear corner bracket. See insets. Refer to Figure 8.

17) Place the rear fascia assembly onto a cloth covered table to avoid scratching the rear fascia and new valance.

18) Separate the Lower Valance from the Upper Fascia.

A) Using a forked push pin tool, disengage six (6) wire harness retainers (three per side) which are attached to the black lower valance.

B) Using a Phillips screw driver, remove four (4) screws (two per side) which attach the valance to the rear fascia sides.

C) Using a forked push pin tool, remove eight (8) push pins (four per side) which attach the valance to the rear fascia sides. The push pins are a two (2) part push pin. Remove the center button first to release the barbs and then remove the push pin body.

D) Disengage the twelve (12) retainer tabs and separate the lower valance from the rear fascia. Refer to Figure 9 for Steps A) – D).

Install the ROUSH Lower Valance to the Rear Fascia

19) Using a small screw driver, remove and transfer the four (4) spring nuts (two per side) from the factory lower valance to the ROUSH Lower Valance as shown in Figure 10.

20) Position the ROUSH Lower Valance to the factory rear fascia. Starting at the right center, (see arrow in Fig. 11) snap the twelve (12) tabs on the Lower Valance to the slots in the rear fascia. Refer to Figure 11. The four (4) center tabs are shown. The other 8 (out of view) are similar. Ensure all twelve (12) are fully engaged. Refer to Figure 11 inset.

21) Reinstall four (4) screws (two per side) attaching the Lower Valance to the rear fascia. Refer back to Figure 9-B.

22) Reinstall eight (8) push pins (four per side) attaching the Lower Valance to the rear fascia. Refer back to Figure 9-C. Insert the push pin body first and then the center button.

23) Insert the six (6) wire harness retainers (three per side) into the holes on the Lower Valance. Refer back to Figure 9-A.

24) Install two (2) new W-Clip Push Pin fasteners at the Lower Valance center attachment flange. Slide the W-Clips into the slots with the pointers pointing inward as shown in Figure 12.

Rear Fascia / Valance Installation

25) With an assistant, position the rear fascia assembly to the rear of the Mustang. Feed the wire harness and connector through the grommet hole. Press and seat the grommet into place. Refer back to Figure 3.

26) Align the four (4) rear fascia center retainers and the two (2) end retainers to the plastic inserts and press the rear fascia forward to fully engage the six (6) retainers. Refer back to Figures 8-C inset and Figure 13.

27) Press the LH and RH upper corner tabs onto the retainer hooks of the rear corner brackets. Refer back to Figure 8-B.

28) Press the rear bumper sides into the side retainers. Refer back to Figure 8-A.

29) Reinstall the six (6) screws into the wheel well openings (3 per side). Refer back to Figure 4.

30) By hand, bend the Valance lower side mounting flanges into position, aligning the holes. Reinstall the four (4) push pins (two per side) to the LH & RH lower side mounting brackets. Refer back to Figure 6. Insert the push pin body first and then the center button.

31) Press the two (2) W-Clip retainers on the lower center mounting flange to the holes in the underbody sheet metal. Refer back to Figure 7.

32) Reinstall the rear license plate.

33) Reinstall the left and right tail lamp assemblies. Feed the connector and wiring through the grommet hole. Press and seat the grommet into place. Reinstall the six (6) nuts (3 per side) and torque them to 6 Nm (53 lb-in). Return the trunk side liners to their original positions.

34) Reconnect the tail lamp wiring connectors to the body wiring harness connectors. Ensure the connectors are fully inserted. Refer back to Figure 5.

35) Reconnect the license lamp / rear side markers connector to the body wiring harness connector. Reinstall the harness retainer into its hole. Refer back to Steps 4 & 5 and Figure 3.

36) Position the trunk rear plastic panel and connect the wire harness connector to the trunk illumination lamp. Refer back to Figure 2.

37) Perform a functional check of the rear tail lamps, side markers, license plate lamps and trunk illumination. If OK, proceed. If not OK, check the connectors that were disconnected during installation of this kit.

38) Align the two (2) rear panel retainers (white arrows) and two (2) pilot pins (black arrows) to the holes in the body sheet metal and press the panel straight down to fully engage the retainers. Refer to Figure 14.

39) Align the lower holes in the panel to the holes in the sheet metal and reinstall the two (2) lower push pin retainers. Refer back to Figure 1.

40) Align the upper hole to the tail lamp studs and press on the top two retainers. Refer back to Figure 1.

41) Slide the trunk floor carpet panel rearward. Close and latch the trunk lid.

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