403913 Roush Mustang Cold Air Intake Kit for ROUSHcharger (2005-2009)

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ROUSHcharger Cold Air Intake Kit

Before installing your ROUSH Performance Product(s), read through the entire installation procedure and check to make sure all items are present. Contact ROUSH Customer Service at 1-800-59-ROUSH, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM weekdays, for any questions regarding fit or instructions that are unclear to you.


The following section will guide you through the disassembly of the stock components.

1) Cover both fenders with fender covers to protect the vehicle finish.

2) Using an 8mm wrench, disconnect the (-) negative & (+) positive connections to the battery.

3) Disconnect the 3 PCM (Powertrain Control Module) connectors by lifting the grey levers over the connector back shell and lifting the connectors from their sockets. Remove the PCM by removing two 10mm bolts and pulling the PCM forward and lifting out of the engine compartment. Follow the instructions on the next page as soon as possible to help minimize the amount of time you are without a PCM.

Important: Be sure to write your VIN number and phone number (in case we need to contact you for additional vehicle information) on the PCM using a permanent marker.


Outlined below are the instructions for returning your stock Powertrain Control Module (PCM) to ROUSH Performance Products so we can install our calibration to make the engine run properly with the new components. The prepaid shipping box is set-up for next day delivery to us. Once we receive your PCM, we will reprogram and return it back to you the same day for next-day delivery. Installing this kit and operating your engine without our calibration may result in engine damage or failure.

Note: It is important to reinstall the PCM in the vehicle it came from to prevent setting a trouble code and having to relearn the anti-theft code which can only be performed using specialized Ford Service Bay tools.

If you haven’t already done so, write your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and phone number on the PCM using a permanent marker.

Remove the bubble wrap from outside the supplied FedEx shipping box and wrap it around the PCM to help prevent it from being damaged during shipping.

Fill in the required information on the bottom of this sheet. Cut it off on the dotted line and return it with the PCM in the FedEx Box.

Place the wrapped PCM in the FedEx shipping box and follow the instructions on the FedEx box for sealing the box shut.

Fill in your name and address in the FROM area on the FedEx shipping label that is applied to the outside of the FedEx box.

Save the left side tear-off shipping label for your records.

Schedule a FEDEX Package Pick-up by calling 1-800-463-3339 and select OPTION 0 to speak directly to an agent. DO NOT use the automated option to schedule a pick up.

Inform the agent you have a Prepaid FEDEX Billable Stamp Package and you need a pick-up.

***If you have any questions call ROUSH Customer Service at 1-800-59-ROUSH.

Supplemental Instructions

ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang with the ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang Cold Air Kit

Valued Customer,

If you purchased both the ROUSH Stage 3 ROUSHCharger Kit and the ROUSH Stage 3 Cold Air Kit, you will find that each kit has a FedEx shipping box for you to send your PCM to ROUSH for recalibration. In order to receive the correct calibration for your Mustang, you MUST send your PCM in the FedEx shipping box included in the ROUSH Stage 3 Cold Air Kit. That box will have a sticker on it saying “ROUSH Performance Stage 3 Cold Air Kit - PCM”.

4) Loosen the clamp that connects the stock coupler to the clean air tube.

5) With a 10mm socket wrench, remove the airbox hold down bolt and set aside. This bolt will be reused later. Firmly grasp the airbox and pull up to remove it from the vehicle. Remove the two grommets from the bottom of the airbox. These will be re-used.

6) Locate the ABS module bracket and remove the bolt shown below. This bolt will be re-used later.


The following section will guide you through the final installation of the kit into the vehicle.

1) Install the Seal (R07130026) onto the Airbox Assembly (R07130032). Make sure the Seal is fully seated.

2) Install the Bellmouth (R07130019) onto the Airbox Assembly using the (3) 1/4-20 x 1/2" Button Head Screws (R18020056). Torque screws to 8 Nm. The Bellmouth should face the inside of the Airbox Assembly.

3) Install the Air Filter with Clamp (R07060131) onto the Bellmouth. Hook the Air Filter Flange on the top of the Bellmouth and push down. Torque the Worm Drive Clamp to 3 Nm. Note: The Air Filter is pre-oiled and does not need to be oiled at this time.

4) Install the Rubber Grommets (previously removed from the factory airbox) into the holes located beneath the Airbox, rearward of the ABS module in the inner fender well.

5) Lower the complete Airbox Assembly into the vehicle using the two pegs as guides into the Rubber Grommets. Push down on the Airbox Assembly to seat the bottom pegs into the Rubber Grommets. Use the take-off Airbox bolt and ABS bracket bolt to secure the Airbox in the vehicle. Torque the (Airbox) M6 Bolt to 10 Nm, and the (ABS) M8 Bolt to 25 Nm.

6) Loosely re-install the stock worm drive clamp (previously removed from the take-off coupler) onto the small end (with the flat) of the new Coupler (R07130018). Loosely install the new Worm Drive Clamp (R07130028) onto the large end of new Coupler.

7) Install the small end of the coupler over the clean air tube. Make sure the flat section of the coupler is facing toward the alternator for maximum clearance to alternator pulley.

8) Install the large end of the coupler over the bellmouth. Rotate clamps so that they have clearance to the alternator and other components. Torque both Worm Drive Clamps to 3 Nm.

9) Re-install the re-programmed PCM.

10) Reinstall the battery connections by first connecting the positive cable then the negative cable to the battery.

11) Close the hood gently and check for clearance to the Cold Air Kit Seal. If installed properly the Airbox Seal should begin to touch the hood blanket as the hood is closed. If a lot of force is required to close the hood, verify that the Airbox is seated properly in the Grommets and at the fastener locations.

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