403184 Roush Mustang Black Billet Grille (2005-2009)

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Mustang TrakPak Billet Grille

Before installing your ROUSH Performance Product(s), read through the entire installation procedure and check to make sure all items are present. Contact ROUSH Customer Service at 1-800-59-ROUSH, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM weekdays, for any questions regarding fit or instructions that are unclear to you.

Remove Upper Factory Grille:

1) Raise hood and prop open.

2) Use a flat head screwdriver or panel tool to lift the center pin for removal of the six plastic pushpins from plastic radiator cover. Remove cover and set aside.

3) Protect the fascia under the grille area with masking tape or by taping a soft blanket over the area.

4) Remove the factory Honeycomb grille that is held in by eight plastic clips that penetrate the front fascia. Use an angled pick tool and/or flat head screw driver.

Note: Use an angled pick tool and/or flat head screw driver to lift the Tabs in the Fascia while pulling Grille toward you. Work your way around the Grille, one Tab at a time. You will need to unplug the fog lights before grille can be removed completely.

5) Secure factory fog light harnesses to inner fascia/grille area using electrical tape or nylon zip ties (not supplied). Do not allow harnesses to rest in contact with radiator. We advise that the Harness Connectors be wrapped in electrical tape to help protect from elements.

Installation of Grille Hardware and Grille:

6) Place four U Nut/Clips onto the 90-degree sides of the four U-Brackets.

Important! Screw Hole Side of U-Nut/Clip MUST be installed as shown below.

Note: Kit contains 2 different sizes of U-Brackets; two narrow and two wide. The narrow UBrackets are to be installed in the outermost tabs of the fascia. The wide U-Brackets are to be installed in the innermost fascia tabs.

7) Install the four U-Bracket & Clip Assemblies to fascia through the existing four slots that secure the lower edge of the factory grille. From the backside of the slots, feed U-Bracket Assembly (starting with leg that does not have the U-Nut) through each slot as shown below.

8) Install a Clamp Bracket onto each of the U-Brackets and Secure with a Phillips Head screw (supplied) as shown above, use thread locker on screws.

Note: The inside of the bend faces towards the rear of the car. The fascia’s tabs will be pinched between the Clamp Bracket and the U-Bracket.

9) Install a U-Nut/Clip onto each front “leg” of the four U-Brackets installed in step 9.

Important! Screw Hole Side of U-Nut/Clip MUST be installed on the radiator side of “leg”.

10) Along the front of radiator support there are two fasteners that secure a wire harness (on passenger side) and the hood release cable (on driver side). Carefully remove fasteners from radiator support; do not damage as they will be reused. The holes that remain will be used for mounting the two Long L-Brackets.

11) Install two U-Nut/Clips onto each Long L-Bracket, as shown in the pictures below. On the long side of the L-Bracket, the screw hole side of the clip will face downward. The screw hole side of the other clip will face towards the radiator on the short, up leg of the L Bracket.

12) Install the previously removed fasteners (Step #10) into the ends of the L-Brackets as shown.

Important! Screw Hole Side of U-Nut/Clips MUST be installed as shown below.

13) Install both Long L-Brackets to radiator support by threading Phillips head screws (supplied) through radiator support (at previously vacated fastener holes) into L Bracket at the UNut/ Clip, use thread locker. The short end of the L Bracket should face upward. Do not fully tighten screws at this time.

14) Install one U-Nut/Clip onto both Short L Brackets, on the side of the L Bracket that has the slotted hole. Face the threaded side of the clip towards the inside of the “L”.

Important! - Screw Hole Side of U-Nut/Clip MUST be installed on rear-facing side of leg (see picture in Step #17, below).

15) Fasten Short L Brackets to the Grille using Phillips Screws (supplied) through the center two upper mount tabs in the Grille and into the U-Nut/Clips (use thread locker). These two Short L-Brackets will support the plastic radiator cover removed in Step# 2.

16) Place Billet Grille onto fascia and start all six mounting screws through Grille Mount Tabs into brackets, use thread locker on all screws. Just snug screws at this time.

17) Adjust grille in fascia opening until desired location is achieved.

Grille should be nearly parallel with front of fascia uprights (between headlights and grille).

Grille should be positioned slightly above the horizontal surface of the fascia.

18) Tighten all mounting screws at this time.


19) Close hood and verify fit and clearance gaps around Grille. Adjust if necessary.

20) Install Factory Radiator cover, removed in step #2, using the factory fasteners.

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