402863 Roush Mustang Supercharger High Boost Pulley (2005-2009)

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Supercharger High Boost Pulley Kit

Important Note: Before installing your ROUSHcharger upgrade kit, please read the installation manual and verify that all items are present. Premium unleaded fuel (91 octane or higher) is required to prevent “spark-knock” or detonation under certain operating conditions. The use of fuel additives (ie. octane boosters) is not recommended. There is a possibility that these chemicals can damage your engine and cause drivability issues with your vehicle. Operating your engine without the Roush PCM recalibration will result in engine damage or failure and will void your warranty.


There is a great deal of misinformation about the function of supercharger bypass systems. The supercharger is a positive-displacement pump; that is, so long as it is rotating, it is always pumping air. During low demand or high vacuum operation (i.e. idle, deceleration, and light throttle cruise), the pumping action is undesirable as it creates unwanted heat and noise. The bypass circuit, when open, prevents any pressure buildup across the supercharger and allows air to circulate through the rotors, allowing the supercharger to “idle” freely during these conditions. This results in reduced noise, and by reducing heat buildup in the intake, significantly improves street and strip performance. As throttle demand increases, the bypass circuit is closed, resulting in full performance from the supercharger. The bypass circuit is never used to limit or control boost during full-throttle operation and defeating or altering the bypass function will not result in improved performance in any condition, and will result in poor drivability.


1) Cover both fenders with fender covers to protect the vehicle finish.

2) Using an 8mm wrench, disconnect the (-) negative & (+) positive connections to the battery.

3) Disconnect the 3 PCM (Powertrain Control Module) connectors by lifting the grey levers over the connector back shell and lifting the connectors from their sockets. Remove the PCM by removing two 10mm bolts and pulling the PCM forward and lifting out of the engine compartment. Follow the instructions on the next page as soon as possible to help minimize the amount of time you are without a PCM.

Important: Be sure to write your VIN number and phone number (in case we need to contact you for additional vehicle information) on the PCM using a permanent marker.


Outlined below are the instructions for returning your stock powertrain control module (PCM) to Roush Performance Products so we can install our calibration to make the engine run properly with the new components. The prepaid shipping box is set-up for next day delivery to us. Once we receive your PCM, we will reprogram and return it back to you the same day for next-day delivery. Operating your engine without our calibration will result in engine damage or failure and will void all warranty.

Note: It is important to reinstall the PCM in the vehicle it came from to prevent setting a trouble code and having to relearn the anti-theft code which can only be performed using specialized Ford Service Bay tools.

If you haven’t already done so, write your vehicle identification number (VIN) and phone number on the PCM using a permanent marker.

Remove the bubble wrap from inside the supplied shipping box and wrap it around the PCM to help prevent it from being damaged during shipping.

Place the wrapped PCM in the shipping box and follow the instructions on the box for sealing it shut.

Fill in your name and address in the FROM area of the shipping label that is located inside the box.

Peel the right label off and attach to the box where indicated.

Retain the left side label for your records.

Schedule a FEDEX Package Pick-up by calling 1-800-463-3339 and select OPTION 0 to speak directly to an agent. DO NOT use the automated option to schedule a pick up.

Inform the agent you have a Prepaid FEDEX billable stamp package and you need a pick-up.

If there are any issues with the shipping box we supply and you want to ship the PCM to us another way, the address for the PCM re-flash only is:

Roush Powertrain Development, Building
57 – attn: PCM Flash, 777 Republic Drive, Allen Park, MI 48101
***If you have any questions call Roush customer service at 1-800-59-ROUSH.

4) Disconnect the PCV vent tube from the right-hand cam cover and clean air tube. Remove the two clean air tube support bracket bolts from the intake manifold. Using an 8mm nut driver, loosen the 2 clamps at either end of the clean air tube Remove the MAF (mass air flow) connector by pulling the red locking tab back and pressing the black release tab. Remove the clean air tube from the throttle body and airbox.

5) Using a 1/2” breaker bar, release the first sheave tensioner and remove the FEAD belt from the ROUSHcharger pulley.

6) Using a strap wrench to prevent the supercharger from turning, remove the pulley retaining nut. Remove the pulley from the supercharger keyed input shaft. Note: Since there is a slight press fit on this pulley, it may be necessary to use a 3-jaw pulley puller to remove this pulley. Do not “tap” on the pulley to remove – doing so can result in damage to the supercharger bearings and oil seals.

7) Install the new pulley onto the keyed shaft. In the event that the pulley does not slip onto the shaft by hand, install the nut and use the nut to fully seat the pulley onto the input shaft. Do not attempt to force the pulley on, tap it using a hammer or use an impact wrench. Any of these methods can cause permanent damage to the ROUSHcharger. Torque the nut to 60 Nm (45 lbft), using the strap wrench or equivalent to prevent the pulley from slipping.

8) Reinstall the FEAD belt onto the accessory drive components as per the routing shown below.

9) Reinstall the induction system onto the throttle body and airbox. Before tightening the worm drive clamps, fully seat the intake manifold mounting bracket and loosely install the two bolts. Torque the worm clamps to 3Nm (27lb-in) and the intake manifold bolts to 10Nm.

10) Reinstall the wiring connector to the MAF sensor.

11) Reinstall the PCV tube to the clean air tube and cam cover.

12) Reinstall the newly flashed PCM by reversing the removal instructions.

13) Reinstall the battery connections. Connect the positive cable first. Connect the battery end of the alternator charge harness using the same stud and nut which retained the factory harness. Connect the negative cable to the battery.

14) Inspect all underhood wiring harnesses for potential interference issues. Use zip ties to safely position the harness away from any areas of concern.

15) Start the vehicle and check for fluid leaks, unusual noises, dash service lights, and unusual operation. If problems are detected, immediately stop the engine or vehicle, diagnose and repair the problem.

All installation instructions, images, & descriptions contained within are representative of the manufacturer instructions included with your part upon purchase & are the sole property thereof.
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