402331 Roush Mustang Extreme Lowering Springs (2005-2014)

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Extreme Lowering Springs Kit

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This spring set will lower your vehicle approximately 1” in the front and 1.25” in the rear. V6 vehicles will be slightly higher. For use with factory struts and shocks.


Follow procedures using the appropriate year (05-09) Ford Service Manual to remove the front and rear coil springs.

Remove Rear Jounce Bumpers

1) Grasp the foam rubber portion of the factory jounce bumper and pull off using a twisting and pulling motion.

2) Remove the 2 Jounce Bumper to Axle bolts (2 per side) using a T-40 Torx Driver.


Follow procedures using the appropriate year (05-09) Ford Service Manual to install the front and rear coil springs.

Assembly notes:


The rear springs should be installed with the coated side upward.


The front jounce bumpers should remain on the factory front struts. Do not remove.

The front spring lower isolator should be carried-over from the production spring. The isolator should be installed as pictured with the second coil overlapping the end.

Install ROUSH Rear Jounce Bumpers

1) Press the ROUSH Jounce Bumpers into the brackets. Glass Cleaner can be used as a lubricant if necessary.

2) Place the ROUSH Jounce Bumpers on the axle and start the bolts.

3) Torque Jounce Bumper Bolts to 30 Nm ( 23 lb-ft)

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