401788 Roush Mustang Wheel Hop Reduction Kit (2005-2010)

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Wheel Hop Reduction Kit

Before installing your ROUSH Performance Product(s), read through the entire installation procedure and check to make sure all items are present. Contact ROUSH Customer Service at 1-800-59-ROUSH, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM weekdays, for any questions regarding fit or instructions that are unclear to you.

WORK SAFELY! Perform this installation on a good clean level surface for maximum safety and with the engine turned off.


1) With the vehicle on level ground and at normal ride height, place a mark on both rear shocks where the dust boot meets the body of the shock.

Remove the Rear Upper Trailing Arm

2) Remove the rear seat by pushing on the pin releases at the driver and passenger sides.

3) Remove the center bridge bolt from the center of the back seat area and discard.

Raise Vehicle

4) Locate a level, stable and clean surface, suitable for supporting the vehicle on jackstands.

5) Chock front wheels.

6) Refer to the Owner’s Manual to identify the correct location of the jack for raising the vehicle. Jack up the vehicle, and secure it on a pair of jack stands to the frame (not the rear axle), again referring to the Owner’s Manual for jack location points.

Warning: Never leave any vehicle supported by only a jack. Always use jackstands. Serious injury and/or death may result.

7) Remove the rear half of the exhaust for better access to the rear upper trailing arm bolts. (Recommended but not mandatory)

8) Place a jack under the center section of the rear axle to secure and position the axle while you continue to install the kit.

9) Completely remove the two upper trailing arm bracket to floor bolts and the rearward trailing arm to axle housing bolt. Discard these bolts.

10) Place a jack under the fuel tank to hold it in position and remove the driver side tank strap bolt. Loosen the passenger side tank strap bolt by approximately 10 turns.

11) Use the jack to slightly lower the gas tank in order to slide out the bracket and arm assembly.


Important Notice: As packaged, the Bracket and Upper Trailing Arm are preassembled in the required position to function properly on a stock ride height Mustang GT. If the vehicle ride height has been altered, it will be necessary to loosen the forward bushing bolt and retorque the assembly with the components in the vehicle and the axle positioned at the intended ride height (neutralized). Failure to do this will result in dramatically shortened bushing life and probable increased wheel hop.

Install the Rear Upper Trailing Arm and Bracket

1) Slide the rear upper trailing arm and bracket into position and install the supplied M12 x 30mm bolts and torque down to 115 Nm (85 lb-ft).

2) Install the supplied M14 x 120mm bolt through the trailing arm and the axle bushing and loosely install the nut.

3) Raise the axle to the normal ride height as previously marked on the shocks. Install Loose

4) Torque the rearward upper trailing arm bolt to 175 Nm (129 lb-ft). If the vehicle is at a non-stock ride height loosen and retorque the forward bushing bolt to 175 Nm (129 lbft).

5) Install the supplied M14 x 45mm (interior) bridge bolt and torque to 175 Nm (129 lb-ft).

6) Re-install exhaust if removed.

7) Re-install the rear seat.

8) Lower the vehicle.

9) Take out for a test drive and check for unusual noises. If irregularities occur, check install to ensure everything was done as described in these instructions.

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