401429 Roush Mustang Lower Control Arms (2005-2014)

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Lower Control Arms


Important Notes:

All photographs show the left hand side installation, unless noted (Right hand side is similar). All steps must be repeated for the right hand side.

Perform a complete installation on one side at a time to keep the axle from shifting out of place during installation.

1) With the vehicle on level ground and at normal ride height, place a mark on each rear shock where the dust boot meets the body of the shock.

Raise Vehicle

1) Locate a level, stable and clean surface, suitable for supporting the vehicle on jack-stands.

2) Chock front wheels.

3) Refer to the Owner’s Manual to identify the correct location of the jack for raising the vehicle. Jack up the vehicle, and secure it on a pair of jack stands to the frame (not the rear axle), again referring to the Owner’s Manual for jack location points.

Warning: Never leave any vehicle supported by only a jack. Always use jack-stands. Serious injury and/or death may result.

Disconnect Emergency Brake Cables

1) Remove the retaining clips (Item #1) that hold the Emergency Brake Cables to the Caliper Brackets. Remove the cables from the brackets.

2) Unclip the cable ends (Item #2) from the actuators. Pull the cables back out of the stock control arms.

Remove the Control Arms

1) Remove the stock rear control arm bolts. Discard the rear nut and both bolts.

2) Remove the stock control arm.

3) Remove the front control arm nut and retainer by rotating the assembly clockwise and sliding the retainer out sideways.


Install the Control Arms

1) Note the position of the ROUSH logo and place the control arm into the mounting pockets with the bushing flanges inboard and the wider bushing to the rear.

Hint: When the arms are placed in their correct left and right positions, the engraved “ROUSH” will be upright and flanged side of the bushings in the arm will face inboard.

2) Install a new front bolt and nut but do not fully tighten.

3) Install the rear bolt and nut but do not fully tighten. It may be necessary to push the axle for/aft to align the holes “ROUSH” upright Flanged side of bushing facing inboard

4) Raise the axle until the marks placed on the shock are aligned and tighten both lower control arm bolts to 175Nm (129 lb-ft).

5) Repeat these steps for the opposite side arm.

Connect Emergency Brake Cables

1) Route the Emergency Brake cables through the control arms and to the calipers.

2) Hook the end of the cables into the actuator arm and slip the cables back into the caliper brackets.

3) Install the cable retaining clips.

4) Lower the vehicle. Test drive.


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