401346 Roush Mustang Window Louvers (2005-2009)

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Window Louvers

SAFETY REQUIREMENTS STOP! READ IMPORTANT SAFETY CAUTIONS AND WARNINGS BEFORE PROCEEDING. IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE Appropriate disassembly, assembly methods and procedures are essential to ensure the personal safety of the individual performing the kit installation. Improper installation due to the failure to correctly follow these instructions could cause personal injury or death. Read each step of the installation manual carefully before starting the actual installation.

1) Always wear safety glasses for eye protection.

2) Place ignition switch in the OFF position.

3) Always apply the parking brake when working on a vehicle.

4) Block the front and rear tire surface to prevent unexpected vehicle movement.

5) If working without a lift, always consult vehicle manual for correct lifting specifications.

6) Operate the engine only in well-ventilated areas to avoid exposure to carbon monoxide.

7) Do not smoke or use flammable items near or around the fuel system.

8) Use chemicals and cleaners in well-ventilated areas.

9) Batteries produce explosive gases, which can cause personal injury. Therefore, do not allow flames, sparks or flammable substances to come near the battery.

10) Keeps hands and any other objects away from the radiator fan blades.

11) Keep yourself and your clothing away from moving parts when the engine is running.

12) Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that can get caught in rotating parts or scratch surface finishes.

13) Allow the engine, cooling system, brakes and exhaust to cool before working on a vehicle.

WORK SAFELY! Perform this installation on a good clean level surface for maximum safety and with the engine turned off.

Paint Preparation

1) Wipe each part with plastic prep (Dupont® 2319 or equivalent).

2) Wipe entire part with tack cloth.

3) Clean quarter glass and painted surface around quarter window with rubbing alcohol.


1) Wear eye protection.

2) Thoroughly clean qtr window area prior starting installation.

Installation Preparation

1) Attach supplied tape to brackets by removing white paper covering and positioning to bracket surface. Once positioned correctly, apply pressure to secure. Next install U-Nut to complete bracket assembly (Refer to Figure A).

Installation of Louver Brackets to Vehicle

1) Attach bracket template to vehicle by first aligning top roof tangent and door pillar tangent (Refer to Figure B). Refer to alignment marks on Template.

2) Once template is located and taped down, remove red covering from tape on bracket assemblies and attached to vehicle. Align holes of bracket with hole locations on template; use bracket extension lines on template for further alignment aid (Refer to Figure C).

3) Once brackets are positioned correctly to the template, apply pressure to brackets to thoroughly adhere the tape.

4) Allow tape to cure for one hour before installing louvers.

5) Remove louver template

Installation of Louver to Vehicle

1) Position Louver onto brackets and into position.

2) Insert supplied screw into Louver and thread into bracket u-nuts (1 - 1.5 N-m Torque).

3) Repeat installation procedure for opposite quarter window louver.

4) Quarter window louver installation is complete (Refer to Figure D).

All installation instructions, images, & descriptions contained within are representative of the manufacturer instructions included with your part upon purchase & are the sole property thereof.
Pure Speed Motorsports practices due diligence in reviewing these instructions for accuracy and recommends consulting a certified professional when installing any aftermarket part or accessory.