223-9004 Steeda Mustang Sport Springs (2003-2004 Cobra)

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Sport Springs 

1) Raise the car and place it on jackstands. Never work under a vehicle which is not properly supported.

2) Remove stock coil springs. Consult a shop manual for the procedure to remove the stock springs.

CAUTION: Coil springs store a lot of energy, and can "fly" off the car and cause severe injury if not removed properly. Complete shop manuals are available from Steeda.

A coil spring compressor will be required to install drag racing front springs.

3) Transfer the rubber isolators from the stock springs to the new springs. If your isolators are damaged or missing, new ones can be purchased from Steeda. 

Leaving the top or bottom isolators out will lower the car approximately 1/4 inch, or 3/8 to 1/2 inch if both are left off. At least one isolator per spring is recommended to prevent noise. Locate the spring on the control arms as shown in the illustration.



Special Notes for Drag Springs: 


A spring compressor is required to install the front drag springs. These can be rented from many local auto parts sores. Use extreme caution when installing the springs. If a compressed spring slips out of the spring perch during installation if can fly across the room with extreme force, causing injury.  


There are left and right rear springs. The right rear spring has a progressive spring rate to reduce body roll during launch. It is identified by a set of tightly wound coils at the top, with coils further apart at the bottom. 

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